EL Brujo: The
Esoteric DJ

Experience the hypnotic sounds of EL Brujo, Chicago Club-Kid Native DJ. 

EL Brujo's mission is to create a transcendent experience for their listeners by incorporating elements of dance, mysticism, and community into their music. They believe in the transformative power of sound and its ability to connect people on a deeper level.

EL Brujo has been a professional DJ for over 7 years, honing their craft while traveling and playing at various events. Their passion for music began at a young age and was influenced by the sounds of their Chicagoan Mexican-American roots and their loved ones. Today, they are known for their ability to transport listeners to another dimension with their otherworldly mixes.

 Recent Mixes

Daisychain 299 - EL Brujo

With this mix EL Brujo asks for you to please learn more about and consider donating to:
❁ Immigration Equality (immigrationequality.org/)
❁ Brave Space Alliance (bravespacealliance.org/)

Read more at - thedaisychain.club/2023/10/10/dais…n-299-el-brujo/






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